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"We come together. We seek. We co-create. Your life changes".

One-to-One Coaching

Our world needs creative entrepreneurs. As professional photographers, designers, innovators, architects, healers, and creative thinkers, they beautify the world and leave it better than it was before. Entrepreneurs doing what they're meant to do in a traditional business climate that isn't structured for the creative mind often experience conflict and frustration. What Jeff understands better than most because of his vast experience as a successful creative entrepreneur, is how to reason the way the creative entrepreneur thinks with business practicalities. Harmonizing the left and right side of the brain, the dream and the reality, the mission and the money-- resulting in prosperous businesses that frees the creative entrepreneur to be fully expressive in their work, serve their community well, and thrive with financial freedom.

There is no set program. Your objectives and goals are unique. What you seek and the results you obtain are co-created. A minimum commitment of one year is required. One-to-One Coaching is for those that are serious about changing their businesses and lives. What needs to be done is done. Your life ignites.